Cotton Candy 3500 Puff Disposable Vape
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Cotton Candy 3500 Puff Disposable Vape

APLUS VAPE has 4 automated production lines for manufacturing Cotton Candy 3500 Puff Disposable Vape for US E-cigarette market. Our R&D engineering team can design big puff vape according to customers’ specifications and flavors. For electronic juice, we selected FDA approved e-juice company as our qualified supplier. All production procedures are controlled by strict international quality standard and customer’s quality specification.We have cooperated with many famous vape brand such as CALI, ELFBAR, NASTY JUICE, BUD etc.


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Product Description

Product Parameter(Specification) of Cotton Candy 3500 Puff Disposable Vape: 

Item No.



3500 puffs

Battery  capacity

  1200 mAh

E-liquid  capacity


Product  Size


Mesh Coil Resistance

1.2 Ω


Features of Cotton Candy 3500 Puff  Disposable Vape : 

1. Flavors and colors can be customized as per clients requirement.

2. Surface treatment can be rubber oil painting or with Stickers.

3. Its a big puff disposable vape with mesh coil which can creates big cloud.

4. Can design different specification of cotton candy 3500 puff disposable vape ie. battery capacity, e-juice capacity  as per client's budget.



1. Do Mesh Coils Have any Drawbacks?

Most people who try mesh vape coils are going to find that they’re unquestionably better than traditional coils and that they 

effectively render the old style of coils obsolete. There are two potential reasons, though, why some vapers may continue to prefer 

traditional vape coils.

· A mesh coil produces vapor with very small and consistent droplet size, so the vapor will feel somewhat “dry” in your mouth 

   compared to the vapor produced by a high-end traditional coil. If you enjoy vapor with larger droplet size and a “wetter” 


   character, you may prefer traditional wound vape coils.

· Because mesh coils produce such large vapor clouds, you may find the experience overwhelming if you use a mesh coil with 


   an e-liquid that has a very high nicotine strength. 

 You can counteract that effect by using a lower-nicotine e-liquid – but if you’re happy with the higher strength you’re currently 


 using, a mesh coil may not be right for you.


2. What are the Pros and Cons of Nicotine-free Vape ? 

PROS of Nicotine-free Vape:

  • Control over nicotine amount allows users to remove nicotine from their e-liquids gradually

  • Elimination of nicotine removes the main addictive aspect of vaping, making it much easier for users to quit.

  • Nicotine free vape juice creates much larger clouds and vapor density, something that the most common sub-ohm vape users aim to achieve.

CONS of Nicotine-free Vape:

  •  Nicotine gives the user a sick feeling that controls the amount they vape in one session. Without nicotine, you can vape for a  longer duration.

  •  Nicotine provides a much harsher throat hit when pulling from the device, nicotine-free vape juices do not do this.

  •  Lowering the nicotine dose could lead to withdrawal symptoms from your nicotine addiction.

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