New Zealand Unveil New Measure to Restrict E-cigarettes


New Zealand has unveiled new messures to help restrict vaping amongst young people.

The measures range from limits on sales near schools to a ban on some disposable units, as it extends aggressive anti-smoking campaigns.

Although New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of adult smoking among the 38 nations in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD),it has banned future generations from smoking in a push to be”smoke-free” by 2025.

In 2022,the New Zealand government banned selling tobacco to anyone born on or after January 1,2009.

The ban will remain in place for a person’s whole life.

New Zealand’s Health Minister Ayesha Verrall said the changes will be phased in over six months from August.

“We’re creating a future where tobacco products are no longer addictive, appealing or as readily available, and the same needs to apply to vaping, “ Dr Verrall said.

In May,Australia banned vaping for recreational use and vapes will only be sold in pharmacies in “pharmaceutical-like” packaging.

From August all vapes sold in NZ will need to have removable or replaceable batteries,curbing supply of disposable vapes which are favoured by young people, Dr Verrall said.

“We also want vapes as far from the minds and reach of children and young people as possible,” she said.

New shops will be at least 300 metres from schools and marae, or meeting spaces for

Māori communities.

Vapes in New Zealand will require child safe mechanisms,with enticing names, such as “cotton candy”, banned, while plain packaging had been considered.

“It is yet another way that we are stopping vape companies from developing particular brands that target young people,” Dr Verrall said.

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