OEM Disposable Vape Stick 600 Puffs
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OEM Disposable Vape Stick 600 Puffs

This OEM Disposable Vape Stick 600 Puffs can do OEM for the clients. This is a classic disposable vape which is very similar to ROMIO vape pen. Flavors and colors can be customized as per clients’ request. The blending engineers select best electronic liquid and flavors as per different consumers’ favorite taste, meanwhile we can make the vaping products with different nicotine strength ie. zero nicotine, 20mg nicotine,30mg nicotine, 50mg nicotine.Surface treatment of disposable vape stick 600 puffs can be customized for the client, either do oil painting, either pasted with a Sticker.

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Product Description

Product Parameter (Specification) of OEM Disposable Vape Stick 600 Puffs

Item No. AK19
Puffs 600 puffs
Battery capacity 480 mAh
E-liquid capacity 3.0 ml
Product Size φ14*115mm
Coil Resistance 1.6 Ω

Feature of OEM Disposable Vape Stick 600 Puffs

1. The colors and flavors of this disposable vape stick can be customized

2. Filter tip brings the client smoking experience

3. Nicotine strength of vaping products can be optional

4. Use pure cobalt battery to assure stable quality

5. Electronic juice is organic and pure


1. What is in e-liquid?

It's important to note that at this time the FDA has not evaluated any of the e-liquids on the market and does not regulate these products. The FDA requires that vape manufacturers disclose ingredients in e-liquids, but not the harmful carcinogens in the heated vapor. The FDA is currently considering significant restrictions on flavored e-liquids.

In a liquid form, the most common e-liquid ingredients are nicotine and flavorings. The flavorings themselves often include propylene glycol and glycerin, ingredients generally viewed as safe when used in food, though the long-term effects of inhaling these substances is unknown. Flavorings also may contain diacetyl, which is most commonly used to create the buttery flavor in popcorn. When inhaled, this substance is linked to obstructive lung disease and a condition known as "popcorn lung," which damages the lungs' airways and causes shortness of breath and dry coughing.

When the e-liquid is heated to create a vapor, toxic chemicals are formed, including likely carcinogens formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, as well as acrolein, which can damage the lungs and contribute to heart disease. Additionally, small particles of toxic metals like tin, nickel, cadmium, lead, and mercury have been discovered in the aerosol given off by vaping.

2. Is vaping legal in Australia?

It is possible to vape legally in Australia with a nicotine prescription from a doctor. However, most vapers in Australia do not have a prescription and are breaking the law. Australia is the only western democracy to effectively ban the sale and use of nicotine liquid for vaping.

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