Flavored Vape 3000 Puff XXL for American E-cigarette Market

Flavored Vape 3000 Puff XXL for American E-cigarette Market

APLUS VAPE has 4 automated production lines for manufacturing flavored vape 3000 puff XXL for American e-cigarette market. Our R&D engineering team can design big puff vape according to customers’ specifications and flavors. For electronic juice, we selected FDA approved e-juice company as our qualified supplier. All production procedures are controlled by strict international quality standard and customer’s quality specification.We have cooperated with many famous vape brand such as ELFBAR, NASTY JUICE, SUORIN etc.

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Product Description

Product Parameter(Specification) of Flavored Vape 3000 Puff XXL for American E-cigarette Market: 

Item No.



3000 puffs

Battery  capacity

  1200 mAh

E-liquid  capacity


Product  Size


Mesh Coil Resistance

1.2 Ω


Features of Flavored Vape 3000 Puff XXL for American E-cigarette Market : 

1. Multiple flavors: Peach ice, Strawberry sour raspberry, Red fruits, Cotton candy, Blue razz ice,

   Energy strawberry, Minty ice, Mango peach, Pink lemonade, Coconut melon.

2. Surface treatment can be rubber oil painting or with Stickers.

3. Its a rechargeable big puff disposable vape.  



1. Can e-cigarette help people quit smoking?

E-cigarettes are not approved by the FDA as a quit smoking aid. So far, the research shows there is 

limited evidence that e-cigarettes are effective for helping smokers quit. There are other proven, safe, 

and effective methods for quitting smoking. One way to start is to talk with your doctor, nurse, or a 

trained quitline counselor to figure out the best strategies for you.Many people use quit smoking 

medication, like nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), in the form of a patch or gum, which doctors and 

other experts agree is one of the most helpful tools smokers can use to quit.

2. What is a Vape Kit?

The main difference between e-cigarette and vape kits is that vape kits are designed to be both 

rechargeable and refillable. That one difference will have a profound effect on your vaping 

experience.The other difference between e cigarettes and vape kits is that you may not be able to find 

vape kits at most traditional tobacco retailers. That’s because retailers like supermarkets, gas stations 

and convenience stores have existing relationships with the makers of tobacco products. Therefore, 

they generally carry the vaping devices made by those companies rather than offering the types of 

vape kits that enthusiasts usually prefer. It might require a little more effort to buy a full-fledged vape 

kit since refillable vaping devices and bottled e-liquids usually aren’t available at the places where 

you’d ordinarily buy tobacco cigarettes. As you’re about to learn, though, using a true vape kit can 

bring great rewards.

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