Starter Kit Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs
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Starter Kit Disposable Vape 1200 Puffs

Starter Kit Disposable Vape 1200 puffs made by aluminum pipe with PC drip tip which contains 650mAh battery of pure cobalt. The electronic liquid which we chose from famous e-liquid factory. Our company has 4 laboratories and more than 100 experimental equipment to assure our electronic cigarettes in high quality.


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Product Description

Product Parameter (Specification) of Starter Kit Disposable Vape 1200 puffs

Item No. AK11
Puffs 1200 puffs
Battery capacity 650 mAh
E-liquid capacity 5ml
Product Size φ18*119.5mm
Coil Resistance 1.6 Ω

Feature of Starter Kit Disposable Vape 1200 puffs

1. All the electronic cigarette products are strictly 100% checked before shipment,ensure our products in good quality and packing are durable and firm enough.

2. All e-cigarette has 12 months warranty after shipment except human factors

3. Can provide material data, UN38.3, MSDS, ROHS etc.

4. Welcome OEM orders and sample orders


1. What is the biggest concern with vaping?

One of the main concerns with vaping is the risk of lung injury and death. The CDC's latest release states that there have been over 500 cases of lung injury and seven deaths as the result of vaping. Not knowing why these injuries and deaths have occurred is a huge concern because without that knowledge many misconceptions and uncertainties around vaping have continued.

Another major concern is the adolescent epidemic associated with vaping. Data from Monitoring the Future shows that nearly 21% of high school seniors vaped in 2018, up from 11% in 2017. This same study also shows a significant increase in vaping among middle and even elementary school students. The FDA has also declared adolescent vaping an epidemic.

2.What are vape coils?

The first thing to address is that vape coils are known by different names. You might see them called coils, atomizers, atomizer heads, attys; the list goes on. But they are all the same thing.They are an essential part of your vaping experience as they are the component in your e-cig that creates the vapour that you inhale.

While there are a mind-boggling amount of vape coils available for different e-cigs, they are all built in fundamentally the same way. They are made up of an outer casing, made from metal. Inside this casing is a wire coil and then there is wicking material; this is usually cotton and is either pushed through the coil or wrapped around it.

As you press the button on your vape battery, it delivers power to the coil. As this power is delivered through the coil, it heats up. At the same time you are drawing on your vape, which, via a capillary action, is pulling e-liquid into the wicking material. The coil is heating up and you are drawing e-liquid onto it through the wicking, this e-liquid hits the coil (which is hot) and turns into a vapour, which you then inhale.

They all work in this way. There might be differences, such as the amount of wire coils inside, what the coils are made of or how much wicking material there is, but this is how they all function. Nice and simple.

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